khash was born as an independent
t-shirt concept label - this quickly evolved into a full collection.

khash takes an inward look at the cosmopolitan style, using printed messages to provoke conversation. khash messages are sometimes sweet, occasionally controversial, but never boring!

khash chooses to work with ethically motivated suppliers who operate under strict guidelines of good practice.
All khash materials are traded and processed under good working conditions.

khash management visits all production facilities regularly to ensure these high standards continue to be upheld.

Lastly, we hope that our garments are so fun to wear that you'll want to keep them in tip-top shape by lavishing as much care on them as we did when we made them!

Kathrin Huschka
+212 661 285332

Annelies, Joanne, David and Olivier @ Flag Models Brussels
Elke, Xira and Karima